Friday, September 14, 2018

Love Yourself, Stay Strong In The Lord, This Is The Day The Lord Has Made

 Love Yourself

Forget about what others think about you. Forget about what society thinks you ought to be. 
Instead LOVE YOURSELF and know that God loves you too. If you have lived long enough to experience life's hurts, pains, and disappointments then you know it can be a slow journey to overcome some of the negativity that has come your way. Just keep reminding yourself with encouraging words that you are loved and beautiful, and you were and are created in God's own image. (Genesis)
We also have to acknowledge to ourselves the things that are buried on the inside, to let go of our own will, and to let God take control so that he can start the healing process of our self esteem. 

 Stay Strong In The Lord

When life seems to keep us down and out, and when the enemy is trying to kick us we need to say with boldness and authority,” GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN,” (Luke & Matthew). We need to be aware of the enemy's tactics because he is waiting for that vulnerable moment. The enemy will use anything, anybody, anywhere, and anytime to distract our minds and hearts away from the love of God. Let's continue to pray for ourselves, family, friends, our leadership of the church.

This Is The Day The Lord Has Made 

Always remember that every day is a GOOD day.
Even when things don't go your way. 
Even when it is dreadfully hot, raining, cold, snowy, cloudy, or dreary, it is still a GOOD day.  
Even when your closest loved ones (i.e. husband, children, parents, friends and even your pets) make you go bonkers. Even when someone hurts your feelings - intentional or unintentional. 
We need to value and honor our life. Be thankful and grateful that the Lord woke you up this morning. Be thankful and grateful that He has given you all of your five senses. Be thankful and grateful that you have all of your limbs and they work. Be thankful and grateful that the Lord has given you a good stable mind. So, the next time someone, including yourself, complains about the day they are having, just say to them or yourself, ”EVERY DAY IS A GOOD DAY; IT IS THE DAY THE LORD HAS MADE; REJOICE AND BE GLAD!!!!!!  (Psalm)  

-Written By Dionne White